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Limited Companies

What is a Limited Company?

Limited Company is a legal entity

What are the advantages of a Limited Company?

There are many advantages to being a Limited Company but they can also be disadvantages.

Why choose a Limited Company?

There are many advantages to a limited company rather than a sole trader such as,

Protections of personal assets, Possible savings on tax, only pay tax on the money you have taken.

However, it is vital not to go into opening a limited company without advice.  It is more expensive to run, with many more deadlines, and high fines for not meeting them.

What is the difference between a Limited Company and a Sole Trader?

There is a lot of differences but to sum up

Sole Trader (or Partnership if more than one) is very simple to operate, with far less legislation and lower fees.

A Limited Company can lower tax and offer protection if your business does not succeed




How much does it cost for Limited Company accounts and tax returns?

We charge from £59.    For our full fees please visit our fees pages.

How can we help you with your Limited Company?

There are many advantages to being a Limited Company but they can also be disadvantages.

The advantages are the possibility of lower taxes, and that money is only taxed until you take it.

However there is much more legislation to follow, more HMRC departments to report to, and more deadlines.

At Jones J27 Accountants we have software that keeps control of the dates for sending all returns to HMRC and Companies House.

It sends emails to clients updating them on what we are doing and if there is anything we need to complete the returns.

If our clients are using our Receipt Bank (now Dext ) we are likely to already have most of the information

These tools s are provided FREE by Jones J27 Accountants and regular training is held IF you want to get the best from them.

All-together they ensure a trouble-free experience and comply with Making Tax Digital requirements

Of course, the most important task we complete is regular reviews of your business to reduce your tax bill and improve your cash flow.

We have a lot of services to offer.

Annual Tax Saving Review

  • Including all tax-deductible expenses
  • Your company set up
  • New Legislation
  • Check Data, We will give you feedback on your accounts
  • Advice to avoid tax investigation

Unlimited Support

  • Only a phone call away
  • Tax advice
  • Admin Advice
  • Business Advice
  • Cash Flow Advice
  • New legislation

Which businessess are likely to suceed

  • They took professional advice before they started.
  • They followed the advice and were registered correctly
  • Opened a separate bank account for business use only
  • Have a system for their admin. i.e Accounting package
  • They wrote down their plans for the business
  • Had professional support

Why work with Jones J27 Accountants?

What are the cost 

Limited Company Accounts and Tax Returns

From £59 Per month
  • Compile Profit and Loss
  • HMRC Tax return CT600
  • Companies House Accounts Transmission
  • Companies House Annual Directors Return
  • Director Self Assessment

Limited Company Accounts With Payroll

From £99 Per Month
  • As per Ltd Accounts and Tax Returns
  • Full Cloud Accountanting package and APP
  • Monthly Management Accounts
  • Tax saving advice and calculations
  • Monthly Payroll for Directors

Limited Company, Paye, Vat Returns

On Application Per Month
  • As per Limited Company with Payroll
  • Quarterly Vat Completion, Calculation and Transmission
  • Sick and Maternity Pay management
  • Pension administration
  • CIS administration

Our expert guide to Limited Company

Inc, our checklist

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Digital or face to face groups

HMRC guide - Limited

How to start a limited company

Ruth Jamieson

Mustapic & Jamison Tatoos

My business partner and I have been with Jones' accountants for over a year now and have found their service to be very good. Dinah is very approachable and doesn't mind answering any of my questions at any time. She's great for explaining any tax and vat requirements I might not understand and keeps us aware of any HMRC updates that will effect our business. I would definitely recommend Jones' accountants to other businesses.

Paul Beardsley


l've used Jones Accountants for a couple of my businesses over the years and I've always found Dinah and the team to be knowledgeable, friendly and approachable. This has helped me to grow my businesses.

Tracy McGee

I have used Jones Accountants for a few years and found them to be very friendly, efficient and approachable. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.