FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

About Jones J27 Accountants

Who am I? - Dinah Jones, from Leeds

What do I do? - Accountant, Business Growth Advisor, and Trainer in Cloud Technology

What is my area of expertise? - 25 years as a qualified Accountant plus personal and business taxation consultant.  I have many years of experience in cloud software and business growth, and it is something I have been an avid part of since entering the digital age.

Why do businesses hire you? - To improve their profits, overview their systems, and reduce their costs.    After an initial consultation clients can see how their business will benefit and as they are not locked into a contract it’s a no-brainer.

Why you, how can you help? - Clients like to have choices and given the opportunity to run things their way, especially when growing.  Its expertise and patience they need to assist them not to be dictated to.
I like to ask them, how does your business grow and perform?  It can be an intense conversation but always fruitful.