Small Business Accountant

Hair & Beauty,  Health & Fitness, Decorating, Cleaning, Child Minding

Small Business Accountant for personal services such as Hair, Beauty, Health, Fitness, Decorating, Cleaning, and Child Minding.

Jones J27 Accountants offers a simple affordable service that is tax deductable from your profits.

Our small business Accountant is happy to work on your information if provided in paper format but we offer an alternative.

 We have three very simple tools (all free) to obtain customer information without too much disturbance to our clients.

The Receipt Bank (now Dext ) App, allows you to snap your receipts with your mobile phone and forward them via the cloud to your Accounting Software

Quickfile App is your accounting software and allows you to view all your income and expenses, reports.

Bank Feeds allows all your bank transaction information to be copied to your VAT accounting software.

These tools are provided FREE by Jones J27 Accountants and regular training is held IF you want to get the best from them.

All-together they ensure we complete your Self Assessment Tax Return on time and are compliant with Making Tax Digital requirements

Of course, the most important task we complete is to review your records to ensure all expenses are included, which will reduce your tax, and ensure you are compliant with HMRC regulations.      We have a lot of services to offer.

Our Services

  • Payroll
  • Tax Returns
  • Accounts
  • Dealings with HMRC

What do Personal Care Services need to do?

Personal Care Services are usually controlled by a Diary.    This diary can be used to record your daily income. and expenses.

A very basic system but very time-saving.    If you employ staff you will need to run a payroll system.

You may need to be VAT registered if your takings go above the threshold



Annual Tax Saving Review

  • Including all tax-deductible expenses
  • Your company set up
  • New Legislation
  • Check Data

Unlimited Support

  • Only a phone call away
  • Tax advice
  • Admin Advice
  • Business Advice
  • Cash Flow Advice

Tax Investigation Pre Audit

  • Advice to avoid Tax Investigation
  • We will give you feedback on your accounts if we believe the information has missing data.
  • Back up support

How can we help the service industry?

Collect your receipts, bank statements, and invoices during the year, by snapping a photo onto our FREE phone app.

We will keep your accounts up to date.   Then in April each year, we will close your books and add up your income and expenses.

After working out the profit we will talk through your finances to ensure we have included all tax-deductible expenses.

Finally, we will give you a report of the amount of tax due and when it needs to be paid



Self Assessment

£25 Per Month
  • Free Cloud based Accounting software, to raise sales invoices
  • Free App to scan your expenses
  • Record your sales
  • Tax saving consultation
  • Transmit return and all dealing with HMRC

Self assessment with Payroll

£85 Per month
  • As per Self Assessment
  • Monthly or Weekly payroll
  • Sick/Maternity pay
  • Pension

Full Package

On Application
  • As per plus payroll
  • Quarterly Vat returns
  • Tax efficency consultation
  • All dealings with HMRC

Ruth Jamieson

Mustapic & Jamison Tatoos

My business partner and I have been with Jones' accountants for over a year now and have found their service to be very good. Dinah is very approachable and doesn't mind answering any of my questions at any time. She's great for explaining any tax and vat requirements I might not understand and keeps us aware of any HMRC updates that will effect our business. I would definitely recommend Jones' accountants to other businesses.

Paul Beardsley


l've used Jones Accountants for a couple of my businesses over the years and I've always found Dinah and the team to be knowledgeable, friendly and approachable. This has helped me to grow my businesses.

Tracy McGee

I have used Jones Accountants for a few years and found them to be very friendly, efficient and approachable. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.