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Our Leeds based team strongly focuses on the biggest thing that is happening to the accounting industry—cloud-based software. It allows your business to raise quotations while your accountant works on keeping your finances up-to-date.

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We Offer Cloud Based Accounting Services

We are pleased to be one of the first accountants in Leeds to offer bespoke training on our FREE cloud-based accountancy software.
It allows your business to raise quotations while your accountant works on keeping your finances up-to-date.
Utilizing cloud-based solutions can also reduce staff costs, increase efficiency, and speed up work.

Get Paid Quickly

With built-in electronic payment methods, you can process receipts on the spot.
Since our software is available on any smart device, tasks can be done immediately and communicated via the internet.

Have Real-Time Control

Using the control panel, you can view your bank balance, debtors, creditors, sales, receipts, and expenses at any time.
You can also use the software features for purchase orders as well as to establish targets and include them in a budget.

Improve Credit Management

The automated credit control feature can send out regular reminders and copies of invoices as often as you'd like.
You can also set up recurring invoices and payments for your regular clients.

Boosted Sales and Happy Clients

You can use the database and communication features of the software to keep your clients up to date with all your offers.
Your clients can access their account with you at any time, minimising queries.

Industries We Serve

At J27 Accountants Leeds, we take pride in supporting our clients as they work toward their goals. We have helped them save money, grow their business, and get them out of difficult situations. We offer business advice to help you run your business more efficiently.

With the positive feedback we receive, we are continuously affirmed that we are able to eliminate hurdles and make clients more profitable. Contact us to learn more.

Are you looking for an accounting firm in Leeds that can put your needs first and cover all your bases?
Let us be that for you.
We are a professional, personal accounting firm with years of experience delivering exceptional service to all our clients.
We leverage cloud-based software for a smoother workflow, better efficiency, and reduced costs.

Our clients include sole traders and clients in any field. We are in business to remove stress from you and take away the finances from your hands to focus on your core business. Allow us to handle all your legal obligations, lower your tax bills and raise quotations seamlessly.

Some of Our Taxation Services

We offer the following services to our customers.

Tax Management: You can pass on your business tax portfolio to us, and rest assured that it is in good hands. We examine your taxes and implement procedures to help you reduce your bills. Our team also looks out for grants and tax reliefs that could be incredibly beneficial to your organisation. Regardless of how your business is set up, we will prepare and file your self-assessment tax returns before due dates so you can avoid any fines or penalties.

Bookkeeping: All your records might become cumbersome to maintain, which could affect your business's day-to-day operations. We will make sure your books are up to date with appropriate technologies so you can make decisions with quality insights that will improve the business. We will manage accounts receivable, and software solutions and advise on your request.

Payroll: It takes a lot of long planning and processes to pay your employees, that is, even excluding other factors like sick pay, maternity leave, and other variables. We take care of all the computation and make sure there are no mistakes in delivering timely service.

Stand-by Support: We are always available to assist you with any problems you might have from Monday to Friday. You can contact us in any way you deem convenient and forward data to us to help settle your query. Also, at any time, you can reach us for real-time accounts information for management, and we will respond to your requests promptly.

Why Choose Us

Experience: We have experience spanning 25 years delivering impeccable accounting services to companies in different industries.

Qualified Staff: All our experts are certified with all the industry standards, so they can give you excellent services and keep you up to date with new trends in the industry.

Technology Focused: By using the best that technology has to offer in the form of cloud-based software, you can be sure of getting faster work, reduced expenses, and better efficiency.

Who am I? - Dinah Jones, from Leeds

What do I do? - Accountant, Business Growth Advisor, and Trainer in Cloud Technology

What is my area of expertise? - 25 years as a qualified Accountant plus personal and business taxation consultant.  I have many years of experience in cloud software and business growth, and it is something I have been an avid part of since entering the digital age.

Why do business hire you? - To improve their profits, overview their systems and reduce their costs.    After an initial consultation clients can see how they business will benefit and as they are not locked into a contract it’s a no brainer.

Why you, how can you help? - Clients like to have choices and given the opportunity to run things their way, especially when growing.  Its expertise and patience they need to assist them not to be dictated to.
I like to ask them, how does your business grow and perform?  It can be an intense conversation but always fruitful.