Frequently Asked Questions About Coronavirus

Last updated 20th March 2020 at 2pm

Staff & Statutory Sick Pay

1. What will happen if one of my staff shows signs of a virus?

They are entitled to sick pay of £94.25 per week starting from Day 1.


2. Who will pay the sick pay?

HMRC will pay sick pay for businesses with fewer than 250 employees, they will cover the full fourteen days for self-isolation.

You need to let know so she can update your payroll with the relevant sick pay. 

3. What if they do not qualify for sick pay?

They can make a claim for Universal Credit, which can in some cases be paid a month up front to assist with living costs.

4. What if they are self employed?

They can make a claim for Universal Credit or Contributory Employment and Support Allowance. The Universal Credit can be paid up to a month in advance to assist with living costs. 

5. Is there anything else staff can claim?

We have no guidance at the moment, however as soon as we do we shall update here and notify our clients via e-mail. 

6. What do I do if the staff are not sick but I have no customers?

Your staff will be entitled to 80% of their wages.

7. If staff go home to self-isolate because they have a vulnerable child can they get sick pay?

Eligible employees and workers must receive any Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) due to them if they are not sick themselves but must isolate. 

Employees are entitled to time off work to help a dependent (a child, etc) in the unexpected event or emergency. This would apply to situations related to Corvid-19.

For example-

If they have children they need to look after to arrange childcare for because their child's school has closed.

To help their child or another dependent if they're sick, or need to go into isolation or hospital.

Loans & Grants

1. Can I get a free loan?

You can now get an interest free (for one year) loan. To apply you need to contact the bank who holds your business account.

2. Will banks lend me money to get through this rough patch?

You should qualify for a business interruption loan.  You have to pay it back but it is interest-free for a year.

3. My bank have not loaned to me in the past.

Try again. Procedures have been put into place for banks to do the very best to help you. 

4. I have tried again and the bank have said no.

I am working with the British Business bank and hoping to get the answer to that soon.

5. Can I claim any grants?

There is a grant available for people who qualify for small business rates relief of £10,000.    For businesses who pay a reduced amount of rates you will receive £25,000.      You do not need to apply, it will be paid to you in April. There may be more, we will update as and when the information is made available. 

6. How do I get this grant?

This will be distributed by local Government in early April when the system has been set up.

7 Can I claim insurance

Yes,    Businesses that have cover for both pandemics and government-ordered closures should now be covered, on the grounds that the government and the insurance industry have confirmed the advice given on 17th March would make the claim valid. Also, check if you are covered for stock.

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