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Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) – England

The objective
 To provide funding to businesses that do not directly pay business rates.

 (ARG) supports businesses that are not covered by other grant schemes or where additional funding is needed.

Eligible businesses
 Those which supply the retail, hospitality and leisure sectors.
 Businesses in the events sector.
 Businesses required to close which do not pay business rates.

 Businesses in administration, insolvent, or have been struck off the Companies House register.
 Businesses who have exceeded the permitted state aid threshold (200,000 euros over the past 3 years).

What is the amount of the grant?
 That is left at the discretion of each local authority (LA).

How to apply
 Visit the relevant LA’s website to find out how to apply.
 The business will be asked to complete a declaration confirming that they have not exceeded the relevant state aid threshold and was not an undertaking in difficulty on 31 st
December 2019.

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